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gnet says…

It’s everything and more than I expected.

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MKLADY1974 says…

This product is a great value for the price! It gets into all of the small areas that needs shaving & hair removal.

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T says…

I’m so glad I made this purchase. It works great on all areas without leaving the annoying red bumps on certain areas. Every time I shave around my ankles I always knick myself but with Finishing touch I have no problems.

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Margaret Quenneville says…

This product is great! It takes the hair off with no pain! I would recommend this to everyone.

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Happy says…

I’ve tried many different creams, razors, etc. I am very pleased with the yes, finishing touch. Easy to use and gives you a cleaner, softer face.

Finishing Touch Yes review on Bed, Bath and Beyond

Connie says…

Best purchase for the price, I love my Yes.

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SusieQ says…

Very very happy. All my sister’s are jealous. The ads are true. It’s easy to use and no regrets !

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Carla Lopez says…

I absolutely loved it works great on my legs,underarms and bikini pain at all.

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  1. Sharon
    Sharon at · Reply

    I am so very happy to have purchased the YES. It does what it needs to do removing my facial hair. I use to have the more expensive other name brand product; which I will not name. It did not remove the hair when used only once. The YES does.
    I only wish mine came with a carrying case.

  2. Christine
    Christine at · Reply

    These reviews seem to speak for themselves

    JUANITA at · Reply

    love my yes,no matter what your race it works i only wish it had some type of case for travel

  4. Jeffiner
    Jeffiner at · Reply

    I found a small cosmetics/toiletries case in the dollar section at Target that works great! It cost maybe $3 and it’s the perfect size. Frankly I’d rather not have it come with a case, I’d rather pick my own design!

  5. Donna
    Donna at · Reply

    Am I missing something? I tried it and was very disappointed at the amount of stubble it left. My electric razor did a better job! What a waste of money!

    1. Finishing Touch
      Finishing Touch at · Reply

      When you used your Yes, which head were you using? The microfoil head is designed for shorter hair and stubble, and should be held up and down, instead of at an angle like the trimmer head.
      For more information please visit

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