Care & Maintenance

Sensa-Light Replacement Heads
Finishing Touch Yes!™ is based on the exciting new and patented Sensa-Light Technology™. Sensa-Light™ heads are designed to last up to one (1) year, depending upon the coverage area and frequency of your hair removal. For example, if Finishing Touch Yes! is consistently used on smaller more delicate areas like the face, neck and abdomen, the Sensa-Light™ head will remain effective longer than if used consistently on larger bodily surfaces like legs and arms.

Lithium Ion Battery and Charging
Finishing Touch Yes!™ comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and a 39″” charger cord with AC adapter (deluxe model only). If you forget to recharge your unit, you can insert the charger cord and use Yes! while it’s charging.

To prolong battery life, our Sensa-Light Technology “senses” when Yes! by Finishing Touch comes in contact with your skin and activates the Sensa-Light head for the hair removal process. Finishing Touch Yes! will automatically go into sleep mode when the Sensa-Light head is no longer contacting the skin.