I Paid How Much for that Razor??

Ladies, have you ever noticed how there are always coupons in the Sunday paper for the big name razor companies? And these coupons look great! Buy a razor, and get $4 off of a refill kit – sounds good! Until you get to the razor aisle at the store and realize that you are paying $3-$5 per refill cartridge (depending on where you live).  Let’s say that those razors last you 2 weeks on average – you are now paying $78-$130 a year on razors?! Not to mention the $4 bottle of shaving cream.

There has to be a better way, right? Yes! Yes by Finishing Touch is only $39.99 and the shaving heads last you up to a year! Finishing Touch Yes is safe and gentle on the most sensitive skin, and can be used anywhere there’s unwanted hair.  No more nicks, cuts, bumps, burns, or painful or smelly hair removal methods!

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