Yes! by Finishing Touch: Say Goodbye to Shaving Cream!

finishing touch yes review on beatiful mommies

Source: Beautiful Mommies

Juliann is an Oregon mother of four and the owner of the website, Beautiful Mommies.  Her website seeks to find beauty products that “…help make life in the fast lane of motherhood a bit easier” and she recently turned her attention to Finishing Touch Yes.

“At first, I was pretty skeptical,” Juliann reveals, “but once I tried it, I was very pleased with how much hair it removed. My skin was left soft and smooth, without nicks, cuts or razor burn.”  She goes on to compare Finishing Touch Yes! with other razors and says, “…the part I like is that I do not need to mess around with shaving cream. I can get my shaving done while sitting on the couch, watching a movie.”

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