Say “Yes” to Homecoming with Finishing Touch Yes!

finishing-touch-yes-and-homecoming-dancesIt’s that time of year when school has begun and football season starts. This means it’s almost time for the homecoming game and dance. It has been traditional for schools to have a homecoming dance to symbolize the returning of students back to school, but it is mostly linked to football.

The homecoming tradition usually occurs in late September to early October. Girls, it’s time to prepare and buy the perfect dress for the homecoming dance. Homecoming dances are usually semi-formal so nice short dresses and cocktail dresses would be better suited for the occasion. Remember to dress to impress, who knows you could be nominated for Homecoming Queen or Princess!

When you’ve found the perfect dress, it’s time to get ready and accessorize. If your dress shows your collarbone, you can use a necklace to accentuate them. If you don’t want to wear a necklace, putting on some nice cute earrings can really bring the attention to your face. Make sure to have your legs looking great by using Finishing Touch Yes product on your legs to remove all unwanted hair. Yes by Finishing Touch can help you to look great from top to bottom!