Finishing Touch Yes and the History of Shaving


Most of us see shaving as a beauty must, but where did shaving begin? Shaving can be found dating back to ancient Egypt. During the ancient Egyptian time, it was common for women to shave using pumice stones.

In the Roman Empire where you were considered upper class if you were hairless. During the Roman Empire women would use razors made from flints and stones to remove excess body hair.

As we move into the 1500’s we see that women would do absolutely anything to get rid of excess body hair, even if it meant using arsenic and quicklime. Now that sounds painful!

As time went on the methods of hair removal became more modernized and by the early 1900’s we saw the first razor made specifically for women. It wasn’t long before electric razors – and other modern methods – followed.

While improvements to shaving continues, there is one product in particular that is easy and economical. Yes! By Finishing Touch will remove unwanted hair with ease. Not only is it pain-free but you can avoid those bumps and cuts and the irritation that occurs from other hair removal methods. Don’t follow the ways of the ancients!  Use Yes! By Finishing Touch today!