Yes! By Finishing Touch: Stop the Stigma of Face Shaving

In today’s society, it is not uncommon for women to shave their faces; yet it is still highly stigmatized. Shaving is actually great for your facial skin and many dermatologists recommend that women shave.

Shaving helps exfoliate the skin, and acts as a form of micro-dermabrasion. It helps your skin produce collagen, a compound that keeps wrinkles at bay. Shaving can also help moisturizers and serums to absorb into the skin’s surface, making them for effective. Shaving can help your make-up look better, last longer, and lay more evenly on your face.


Most women think their facial hair will grow back thicker and darker if they shave. This is a huge misconception and hair does not always grow back differently. Other women are scared to have razor cuts, which can be unsightly and embarrassing. Have no fear!  Yes! By Finishing Touch is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin on your face and it can prevent irritation.  Finishing Touch Yes will give you that perfect clean shave, and keep your skin looking fresh and smooth.  Yes! By Finishing Touch will help you rid that peach fuzz or unwanted hair that covers your face, and encourage your beautiful skin to shine.