Finishing Touch Yes: Winning Over the World


Alessia Dunn is a review, fashion, beauty, and style vlogger who recently purchased and tried the Finishing Touch Yes hair removal tool.

She starts off by saying she got it, tried it once on her arms, and “Really really liked it.” She shows the arm, which she said was done 2 weeks ago, and is amazed that the hair is just starting to grow back! She goes on to give a product demonstration of Finishing Touch Yes, showing how easy it is to use. Alessia says “And honestly, it works really well, and I really like the fact that you can just do this and not have to go in the shower and get wet and everything…” She also mentions the brush tool that comes with the Finishing Touch Yes, explaining that she uses it to clean out the head of the tool, because it is not waterproof.

Alessia says “I really do like it, and it does work…”

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