Celebrity Makeup Artist Highly Recommends Yes by Finishing Touch

finishing-touch-yes-review-dairy-beauty-bloggerTasha Castagna is a mother, celebrity makeup artist and blogger who recently compared Yes by Finishing Touch to another leading hair removal tool. Tasha quickly goes through the claims, advantages, and disadvantages of each product, and tells us which she prefers.

Speaking about Yes by Finishing Touch, she says, “While there are several disadvantages with the NO NO! there are not really any definitive disadvantages that I could find with the YES!”  She goes to say with the Finishing Touch Yes there is “no foul smell so it really can be used anywhere, Instant results, Longer battery life, and most important it’s cost effective.”

She also reviewed her customer service experience with each product, and had a clear favorite, saying “I also have to add that just in dealing with both of these companies customer service department, the YES! By Finishing Touch trump’s the NO NO by leaps and bounds! If you’re anything like me, customer service is very important and will more likely be the determining factor on whether or not you are a returning customer or even recommend a product to friends and family.”

Her overall opinion is clear!  “Overall, I highly recommend the YES! By Finishing Touch over the No No! for more efficient, instant, long lasting results.”

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