The Importance of Exfoliation


No matter what form of hair removal you choose, it is important to exfoliate before beginning the process. Exfoliation before hair removal has a number of benefits, and should be considered a part of your regular routine.

Exfoliating before hair removal helps prevent unsightly ingrown hairs. An ingrown hair occurs when a hair does not grow to the surface of the skin, and curls back towards its’ follicle below the skin. Ingrown hairs have several unpleasant side effects, from skin infection, to long term skin darkening.  Exfoliating before hair removal removes the thick layer of skin that has built up, making it easier for the hair to break through properly.

You can purchase an exfoliating soap or scrub, or you can make your own using sugar and olive oil. Exfoliating is an important preparation for any type of hair removal, including with your Finishing Touch Yes! Allowing the skin to protrude further out of the skin makes for a closer Finishing Touch Yes! experience, and for longer lasting results.  It’s a win, win!