Take a Beach Vacation with Your New Bikini and the Finishing Touch Yes


Imagine you’re on vacation at a beautiful tropical destination, and you want to go to the beach before the crowds start. Grab your stuff and go, right? Wrong! You need to shave! You now have to get in the tub or shower, and shave as fast as you can, hoping you don’t miss any spots. You risk unsightly cuts and ingrown hairs… two things that do not go well with your new bikini!

With Yes by Finishing Touch, you can take care of unwanted hair wherever you are, even the beach! Yes by Finishing Touch is the instant, pain free hair remover with advanced sensa-light technology. You do not have to deal with those pesky cuts and ingrown bumps, and the Finishing Touch Yes lasts much longer than shaving! Stick it in your beach bag, and away you go!