Spa Day with Fran Drescher and Yes! by Finishing Touch

Fran Drescher, star of the hit show “The Nanny,” has a blast on her spa day with Sarah Bernard from the Better Show. During their time together Fran discusses her successes in television, her love life, her experiences with cancer, the need to seize life’s opportunities, and her important health advocacy work.

Fran also talked about her environmental advocacy work – which raised her concerns about the use of disposable razors. “I was feeling bad…that I was throwing away this plastic every single time,” Fran states. Now “I’m the spokesperson for the Finishing Touch Yes!”

Fran goes on tell Sarah how the Finishing Touch Yes can be used on problem areas of your face, under your arms, your bikini area, and up and down your legs. She even notes how she uses Yes! by Finishing Touch on her husband’s ears and neck. “I’ll be like ‘Honey, wait a minute,'” says Fran “and then I’ll get my Yes!”


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