The Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Finishing Touch Yes

yes-finishing-touch-bella-nycBELLA NYC Magazine meets up with Fran Drescher at The Bryant Park Hotel for the Yes! by Finishing Touch “Spa Day Experience” and BELLA reporter, Vanessa Coppes, asks Fran to discuss why she says “Yes!”


“I am a health activist and I started the Cancer Schmancer Movement. I’m approached a lot to be a spokesperson by certain beauty products which seem like a no brainer except for the fact that most of them contain carcinogens and toxins, hormone interruptors and enhancers and for that reason I can’t do it as I try to live an exemplary life. When I was approached by Yes! by Finishing Touch I thought of how great the product is, it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly which resolves my guilt with the disposable razors.”

Fran goes on to say that Finishing Touch Yes “is really very safe and comfortable to use and has a very chic look to it, the charge lasts and lasts and I even use it on my husband on the back of his neck. I feel very proud to represent a product I really believe in and is aligned with Cancer Schmancer, a portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to Cancer Schmancer. It’s nice to work with a company that is also socially responsible.”

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