With The Finishing Touch Yes!, You Don’t Have to Say No!

Thoughts of being at the beach usually bring up feelings of spontaneity and fun. Beach umbrellas made of vibrant colors mark a playful stretch of the shore. Feet are bare and sand gets kicked up as beach-goers play volleyball, toss a frizbee, go for a jog or build a castle. Sounds of waves crashing, laughter and favorite songs on the radio can be heard wherever there are people. No one pays attention to their watch and the plan is to not have a plan – just relax and have fun! How in the world could going to the beach become stressful? Maybe it’s when you suddenly realize that you hadn’t scheduled that appointment to get waxed and now when you call, there are no appointment times available! But now you don’t have to stay in that stressful place. With the Finishing Touch Yes! you can achieve the same results in the privacy of your own setting and on your own schedule!




Yes! by Finishing Touch uses innovative technology that eliminates unwanted hair painlessly and leaves behind no irritation or unsightly red bumps. There’s no need to make an appointment to go to a salon when the Finishing Touch Yes! is always available to you. Free yourself of unnecessary restrictions and be ready to hit the sand running!